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Standard Key tags..

As a key product of our business (no pun intended) we offer a wide range of key tags from our standard range and sizes to almost anything you could wish for.

Some of our range

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See our wide range of name badges in various colours.


SOT Standard laminate

Standard tags >


Take a look at the standard tags we offer.


Standard keytag

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For a huge range of table signs look at what we offer.


Medium keytag

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Why not update your door numbers for fresh new look..


Small keytag



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Laminate colours


Laminate colours come in a wide variety of choices, the laminate is in layers so comes with a surface colour that once engraved reveals the lower colour. These can also be paint filled to provide a multi coloured key tag.

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SOT Standard acrylic

Large acrylic
Small acrylic
Oval key tag


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Standard 100x38mm Laminate 3mm


Our most popular product is our standard 100x38mm tapered end keytag, this product is where our mass market products first started and continues to be one of our most successful lines to date.

Medium 75x38mm Laminate 3mm


A shorter version of our standard key fob is the 75x38mm tepered tag, this has become a rather popular choice for those businesses requiring a more compact product.

Small 75x25mm Laminate 3mm


A smallest standard keytag is the 75x25mm rectangular tag, this is a great budget compact tag. This is very popular with caravan and holiday parks.

Standard examples

Standard Large 150x50mm Acrylic 5mm


Part our more superior range is our acrylic 150x50mm large tapered keytag, this large tag offers a more durable 5mm material and comes with a paint filled engraving as standard, meaning colour combinations are vast.

Medium 100x38mm Acrylic 5mm


A take on our standard laminate key tag but made from a more durable 5mm acrylic, offering a long lasting and well designed product.

Small 75x38mm Acrylic 5mm


Our smallest standard acrylic tag, the 75x38mm acrylic offers an ultra strong and compact key fob all in one solution.

Oval 65x95mm Acrylic 5mm


Our oval keytag is probably our most luxurious standard tag available, made from our durable 5mm acrylic the tag has a lucious look and long lasting design. This example shows a navy blue with a metalic gold in fill giving the key tag that luxurious finish.

Acrylic colours


Our acrylic comes in various colours, these colours are solid colour all the way through the material, meaning a paint fill for the engraving is required. You can see a few colours indicated here which we keep as standard stock, however if you have a specific colour scheme then please contact us to see how we can assist.

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